Graphic Design































































































































Nick Dragon



Writer, Producer, Editor, Director

"TRIP THE NIGHT FANTASTIC" (The Last Dance Version)

Short Narrative Film (2012)

An Asterion Arts / Kundalini Carnival Production


Director, Editor


Music Video (2013)

Prodcued by Tiffini Truth



Editor, Production Consultant, Graphic Designer, DVD Author


The Story and Music of the Altino Brothers"

Documentary (2011)

Produced by TKWeb and The Altino Brothers



Editor, Still Photographer, DVD Author, Graphic Designer

"CEO Moon-Rabbi Yudela's


Volumes 1 through 4

Art and Satire (2000-2012)

Produced by Vampire Video (Janice Yudell)



DVD Authoring, Graphic Design for:

Never a Dull Moment Productions (David Gottlieb)

Short Film:

"Birthday Bird"


Educational/Instructional Videos and Documentaries:

"Blue Cross Prescription Drug Program",

"Sexual Assault Clinical Forensic Medical Exam - 4 Volumes",

"How to Talk to Your Doctor",

"Every Newborn is Special",

"It's Not Me, It's My O.C.D."


"Stream Spirit Rising",

"Coachella Valley - Resource Conservation District",

"Upper Salinas-Las Tablas - Resource Conservation District",

"Backyard Conservation for Arid Lands - Arizona Conservation Districts",

"Careers with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in North Dakota",

"San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve - Kiosk Welcome Video",


"Here We Go",

"Here We Go Again",

"Meet Your Animal Friends",

"People's Temple",

"The People of People's Temple"





Videography, Photography, Editing,

DVD Authoring, and Graphic Design for:

Wright Thinking Productions (Greg Wright)

"The Far-Out Films of Greg Wright"

"Light on the Pedal - Light on the Planet" (PSA)

"Educational Edibles" (Political Satire)

"Millennium Soliloquy"





Founder and President of


The DragonHeart Group

A cooperative of small businesses providing technical services, equipment, and studio space for film, video, and music productions.



Pre-Production Consultant for:


"High Voltage"

(aka "Big Killing in Little Saigon" - 35 mm feature film)


Mike Mains, Ivon Visali - Producers




Videography, Sound Recording, and Production Assistance for:


KCET-LA - Michellaneous Video Content

Bank of America Data Center - Two Industrial Videos


Aaron Ranen - Producer





Production Assistance for:


"The Acts of Venice Beach" - Concert Video

Chad Taylor - Producer

"Glimpses" (Pilot Episode) - The Playboy Channel


Tom Boka - Producer/Director


"Provoked" - Independent, 35mm Feature Film


Rick Pamplin - Producer/Director


"Vampire Centerfolds" (aka "The Vampire Conspiracy") - Independent Feature Film


Geoffrey DeValois, John LaMonte - Producers


"True Brit" (aka "The Brit Pack") - Independent Feature Film

Kevin Ula-Christie - Producer/Director