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Nick Dragon



"Trip the Night Fantastic" (The Last Dance Version)

(A very early attempt at movie making.)

A no-budget, three part, fantasy. (1992/2012) 39 minutes

Writer, Producer, Editor, Director


Watch the whole movie above...

Or watch the three stories seperately HERE.



Music Video (2013) 2 min. 38 sec.

Director and Editor



"Beyond Boundaries - The Story and Music of the Altino Brothers"

Documentary (2010) 1 hour 6 minutes

Editor, Production Consultant, Graphic Desinger, DVD Author


(This Opening Sequence Clip - 7 min.)

Or watch the entire movie HERE.



"CEO Moon-Rabbi Yudela's NAKED CORPORATE POWER in a Nutshell"

Political Satire, Art, Performance. TRAILER for Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Editor, Photographer, Graphic Designer, DVD Author




The Making of Educational Edibles: Occu-Pies and Cakes

Political Satire Documentary

Videographer and Editor




Nacht Balloons

Music Video

Director, Videographer, Editor

Nacht Balloons from Nick Dragon on Vimeo.